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Comparing Vim and Neovim for Python Developer

Choosing the right text editor for a Python developer makes a big difference in productivity and workflow. Two of the most popular integrated environments today are VS Code and PyCharm. They are great tools that offer a lot of extras. We reviewed and compared them and many other solutions before. Introduction There are two powerful and popular command line based text editors with similar features and capabilities. However, they also have some differences in terms of functionality, usability and performance.

Think Like Programmer: Problem Solving

Intro In order to keep my programming skills sharp, from time to time I solve problems on the LeetCode. It’s great because it’s constantly evolving, it has a friendly interface, you can choose problems on topics that interest you and there’s an excellent community, from which you can learn a lot. I’ve always been interested to know what goes on in the programmers’ heads when they solve problems. How does it really happen?

Best Bookmark Manager to Use in 2023

Bookmarking websites and pages is a common practice for many people who use the internet regularly. It allows us to easily access our favorite websites and pages without having to remember their exact URLs or search for them every time. However, as the number of websites and pages we bookmark grows, it can become difficult to keep track of them all. This is where a bookmark manager comes in handy.

Best framework to build an API in Python

This is the second article in a series devoted to the topic of APIs. Each article covers a different topic. If you’re just starting to understand how to write your own API, it’s useful to read everything in order. If you already know it and are interested in a particular topic, go straight to it. Simple Explanation of API Best Framework for API (this article 👇) Build API with FastAPI (soon) Build API with ChatGPT (soon) Top Tools to Test API (soon) Make Money on API (soon) Let’s go…

What is an API? Short and simple explanation

The topic of API is very interesting and large, so I’ve divided the material into several parts, each of which is designed for a different audience. If you’re just starting to understand the subject, read everything in order. And if you know something already, choose the part that interests you. Simple Explanation of API (this article 👇) Best Framework for API Build API with FastAPI (soon) Build API with ChatGPT (soon) Top Tools to Test API (soon) Make Money on API (soon) So, let’s go…

The Best Python IDEs and Editors for Mac

“Tools are the skills, tools, and any other means necessary to do one’s job well. “ - from the definition in Collins Dictionary. There are several basic tools (applications) that a programmer uses all the time - a browser, a terminal, and a code editor or integrated development environment (IDE). Choosing the right application is always important because the time you spend using these tools justifies the time you spend choosing them.

How to create a table in Markdown

Intro Let’s start by figuring out why tables are needed in markdown documents and look at the most convenient ways to insert a table into a markdown document quickly and easily. Tables are often used to organize and present information in a clear and concise way. They can be used to display data, compare different values, or show relationships between different pieces of information. Using tables can also help make your document visually more appealing and easier to read and understand, especially if you have a lot of information to present.

Introduction to Python Code Testing with PyTest

A test is code that executes code. When you start developing a new feature for your Python project, you could formalize its requirements as code. When you do so, you not only document the way your implementation’s code shall be used, but you can also run all the tests automatically to always make sure your code matches your requirements. One such tool, which assists you in doing this is pytest and it’s probably the most popular testing tool in the Python universe.

Choosing the best bookmark manager

You need a tool that allows you to manage your collection of links - organize easy access, sort by category, remove duplicates and broken links, synchronize everything between devices. Read about the best solutions for 2022.

Speed up your Python code with Microsoft Pyjion

What is Pyjion The most common way to speed up your Python code is to use CPython, the official Python interpreter. It compiles code into an intermediary language called bytecode and evaluates this code whenever your code is executed. This allows lots of flexibility, but has a downside. Simple calculations where CPUs are very efficient, like arithmetic of integers and floating point numbers are significantly slower in CPython than other interpreters.