Hi 👋 My name is Denis Rasulev

Briefly about myself and why I made this blog...

Denis Rasulev

It is strange to realize that you are older than the Internet itself… And that destiny has given me a unique chance to live through so many different events in human history - from the collapse of empires to the everyday use of technology, which I only read about in science fiction books in my childhood.

Since 1996 I have worked for global technology companies - Apple, Xerox, Sun Microsystems, Samsung, Cisco, Oracle, SAP and many others. Most of my work has been in business and dealing with many interesting clients around the world, but always with the latest technology.

I have always sought to understand the essence of things, to understand how they work, what benefits they give and how you can use them. And I’ve always enjoyed creating order out of chaos. At work, in my personal life, and even just on my desk.

In 2015, while working at SAP, I first encountered big data analytics solutions. This topic fascinated me like a trip to the stars. At some point, I got so caught up in it that I quit my job, only to successfully complete a Data Science specialization on Coursera, one of the best learning platforms at the time, and was seriously considering a career change.

But then we moved again to another part of the world, where I had to start it all over again. Where I had to face again the problem of most beginners - no job without experience, and no experience without a job. Admittedly, I didn’t take the right path here - I decided to build up my expertise by finishing more courses. As a result, I am now the proud owner of more than 50 different useless certifications in Data Science, programming and data processing.

But all this did not help much in life, did not help me find a job in this field and so I had to go back to business, because I had to feed my family, and my skills in business development were more than in demand.

Since then, the programming and the newest technologies remained the main hobby to which I devote almost all my free time. I regularly read a lot of news from various sources, try out new technologies, software and services, and save the best of them in my digital hub. At some point, it became clear that all this is interesting and useful to many other people.

The first attempt to share personal experience, knowledge and impressions was on Facebook. I created and still maintain a small community of people interested in news from the world of programming and data processing. But Facebook is an alien platform. It’s easy to lose everything you’ve put your heart and time into there…

That’s why I started this blog…